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Date: Friday, July 1st, 2011

Dear Fellow WOW Player,

Firstly let me introduce you to Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets and tell you who I am and what I can do for you to explode your gold balance in WOW!

My name is CJ and I have been playing World of Warcraft since the game launched about 5 years ago.

Well truth be told it will have been a little bit before that as I was also in the very first Vanilla WOW Beta right back in 2004!

I have been there every step of the way making sure that I get to see all of the new content as each expansion has been released.

I always have made sure that I have the latest season gear, and have even been a part of the parties that ripped through the content of the BIGGEST raids and instances first!

And now having worked my way through all of the new Cataclysm content - I have come to a conclusion - now more than ever...

The MOST Important Thing In World of Warcraft Is Gold!

Sure, you can get through the game with greens (low class weapons and gear) but if you want to make a SUPER POWERFUL toon and have the enemy at your mercy you need the latest season gear and weapons!

Most people scrape their way to level 85 with standard gear, and don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this!

However I would bet my last dollar that if you know the latest strategies to make as much gold as you will EVER need in World of Warcraft you will enjoy the game FAR more - not to mention have a MONSTER of a toon on the loose!

Here are some of the awesome "perks" of knowing how to make LOADS of gold in World of Warcraft:

  • Imagine being able to dominate ANYONE in PVP!!! - Their weapons will break before they pierce your armor!

  • Getting the latest Season gear and not to mention a ton of "whispers" in game along the lines of: "How did you do it?"

  • Roaring through Azeroth on the best ground and epic flying mounts!

  • Taking on 10+ mobs and coming out on top laughing at how feeble their efforts are!

  • People asking YOU to join there parties to take down the biggest and meanest bosses - scrub that they will BEG you!

  • Finally being able to play World of Warcraft the way it was MEANT to be played!

So What Will You Learn Within Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets?!




So What Makes Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets Different?

There are loads of gold guides out there right?

I am sure you have seen them!

Well I am not going to put them down and say that they are all rubbish and they will not work for you, what I WILL say is this:

Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets has the LATEST techniques inside that you can use to make gold whether you are a level 1 or a level 85 Elite player.

World of Warcraft is CONSTANTLY changing so you NEED to make sure that you stay up to date with the latest strategies that will make you gold before they become outdated!

With your Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets package you get FREE updates every patch!

You are GUARANTEED to get a gold guide that is up to date and with REAL techniques that work!

After months and months of hard work - let me introduce:

Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets


Here are some of the things you will learn with Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets:

100% Legal - No Hacks Or Cheats! - Just REAL techniques you can use within the game to skyrocket your Gold Balance!

Gold Making Secrets For ANY Level! - Whether you are level 85 or level 1 and starting out these are strategies you can use at ANY level, ANY time!

Alliance or Horde? It doesn't matter! You can use the guide with either faction without a problem!

Instant Access Right Now! - You will be taken through to the member's area INSTANTLY and you will be able to get started and make a ton of gold TODAY!

Updated For Cataclysm! - There are lots of guides out there but Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets is fully updated for Cataclysm all the way to patch 4.1a!

Complete Video Series! - Not Just ANOTHER gold guide - you get a complete video series guiding you through!

Free Updates! - This is not a membership site and you do not pay month to month - for a one off fee you get the complete guide and the videos + bonuses and FREE updates EVERY patch!

Full Guarantee! - I am so confident that you will LOVE the Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets guide that if you are unhappy at any point in the next 60 days let me know and i will give you a full refund - no questions asked!

Best Add-ons To Dominate! - Let me show you the best add-ons (all free!) that you can use to dominate the AH!

Fool Proof Guide! - Just follow the simple step by step instructions in the guide for as much god as you need! - Simple!

Daily Quests Goldmine! - What is all the fuss about daily quests? Well you are going to love this! Say Hello to EASY Gold!

Guaranteed To Work! - You WILL make more than enough gold - in fact I am willing to say that using Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets you will make more gold than you need fast!


Let's have a look at what you have to look forward too once you get all of this gold:


Dominate The Raids! - You will be able to dominate ANY raid in WOW with enough gold! Now you will have people begging for you to join their groups for the latest raids!

Rule PVP! - PVP not your strong point? Or maybe you just want to own a little more right? Well now you can with the latest gold that means of course the LATEST gear too!

Powerlevel Your Professions! - Get to the new level cap of 525 with ease and power level your professions! You no longer have to worry about being able to afford all of the materials!

Raise Your Reputations! - With gold you will be able to get the benefits of raising your rep by purchasing it from the AH! Nice and simple - no more hours farming to get the best deals!

Speed Leveling! - See how having the latest enchants, weapons and armors allows you to cut through mobs like butter!

Unlock MEGA Achievements! - Some of the achievements involve buying a 20,000 gold mount - well now you can unlock all of them!

Just For Fun! - Maybe you just want to have some fun and show your gold off? - well you can do that too!


Just Look At What People Are Saying About Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets:

"600 Gold On My First Day!"

Ok, so I know it is not a huge amount but I am over the moon!

Thanks so much for this guide - I will keep you posted of my progress but so far so good... :)

Right I'm off to try out the next strategy!


Dawn R,
Goblin Shaman,


"Amazing! That's All I Can Say!"

I picked up this guide as I have a level 80 DK and just started out with a Worgen Warlock in Cataclysm.

I was looking for a head start especially with my Worgen - so I could get the latest mounts, weapons etc... it just makes it SO much easier to level!


This is REALLY working!!!

Awesome work!

Right I'm off to get that Mammoth mount...

Dan Slater,
Worgen Warlock,


Let Me Show You Just How Easy It Is To Make Gold In World of Warcraft Using Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets!

One of the most common questions that I get asked about the guide is "Will this REALLY work for me?" or "I just can't believe you can make this much gold this easily - prove it!"

So I decided to put together a video that will show you a LEVEL 1 toon with over 20,000 gold WITHOUT even making one kill or doing a single quest!

The other reason I wanted to do the video is to show you that it is REAL - this is not some test server (you can always tell them because you will not see anyone else on them!) and you can see other REAL players probably wondering why there is a level 1 killing it at the AH!

Check Out The Level 1 WOW Tycoon:


So there you have it!

If you really want to you can be the richest level 1 toon on your server!

Want More Proof It Works?

To prove that Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets will work for ANYONE - no matter what level you are, or even how skilled you are with the game I decided I needed a guinea pig...

I mean it is all well and good saying that it will work for anyone - but has this really been tested?

Well, YES it has!

I gave the full guide to a "case study" who goes by the name of Kudzu in game.

The conditions were that she had to use the guide anyway she felt fit - I did not tell her what best to start with, or what strategy to use first etc...

Essentially I wanted her to work it all out on her own!

Well here is what she managed to do in 7 days with only an hour a day - (some days she did do about an hour and a half.)

Here Is How Kudzu Got On...

Day 1

Day 2


Day 3

Day 4


Also On Day 3 - The Guild Bank Was Not Doing Too Badly Either:


Day 5

Day 6


And (Drum Roll...) Day 7


That's how simple it is!

Remember the results above were achieved by putting in about an hour to an hour and a half a day - if you have more time or a whole day to spare the sky is the limit!

Wait...There's More!

I want to make this guide so easy that ANYONE can use it, no matter what your experience with WOW or your level.

Whether you are a lone wolf or in a hundred strong guild these strategies work!

What will you do with the gold once you have it?

That is up to you!

Still there is a way that I can make it EVEN easier!

I thought long and hard how I can make Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets "THE" most up to date, killer gold guide out there...

For a special limited time - you will also get some special bonuses with your Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets Package today!

You will get a COMPLETE video course so you can actually SEE how to use the strategies making them fool-proof!

The series of your 5 videos below come FREE with your purchase today and will only be available for a LIMITED period!

Here is what each video will show you:

Video 1: Gold Through Crafting

Video 1 in the series will show you how you can use the crafting professions to make a ton of gold fast!

If you have ever been in a major city and wondered why the trade channel is always full to the brim with people looking to make gold then let me show you why...

I will show you EXACTLY how to get started making a ton of gold with professions the EASY way!

Also with Cataclysm being released there is a HUGE demand for certain items for heroics and raids!

You can make a ton of gold with a strategy I show you in this video...

All about supply and demand...


Video 2: Gold Through Dailies

Video 2 in the series will show you how to REALLY make gold with daily quests fast and easy!

There is a lot of confusion about how to make gold in daily quests - and some even think they are not worth bothering with!!!

Well let me tell you they are WELL worth it!

In fact - watch through this video and implement the strategy that I show you and I am sure you will agree they are worth it when you see all the gold you are making!

I will show you the MOST profitable daily quest hub in the game!

You can only do these quests once daily right? Let me show you how you can get DOUBLE the amount of daily quests and gold in ONE day!

You can make thousands of gold with this one video!


Video 3: Gold Through Questing

Video 3 in the series will show you how to make gold through questing - sounds obvious right?

I mean you get gold for questing anyway!

Of course!

Let me show you how you can double and sometimes triple the amount of gold that you would normally get questing.

The best route for riches revealed!

A crazy technique for making gold with quests in Cataclysm - wait until you see this...

This video will show you how to get rich without even visiting the AH!


Video 4: Red Hot Items!

Video 4 in the series will show you the BEST items to sell at the AH and how to get your hands on them fast!

With the Cataclysm update things have changed - but there are also items selling like hot cakes on the AH if you know what you are doing...well you soon will!

Also I will teach you how to find the next item that is a gold mine on the AH so you can do this anytime you need a quick gold boost!

It's easy when you know how!


Video Series 5: Killer Add-ons You Need!

Video 5 in the series will show you the best add-ons to use (all free!) to dominate World of Warcraft!

I personally guide you through and show you the add-ons that I use in game and how they work!

The best thing about the video is you will learn how to make the AH run itself!

That's right - you don't even have to do anything to make gold - let me show you how it is done!




Also included with the package is this Limited items report!

You will be able to see at a glance the red hot items that are selling and making a killing at the AH!

This report will tell you the items that are selling for up to 20,000 gold on the AH - for ONE item!

Not to be missed...

Still Not Sure Whether You Will Make Enough Gold With The Video Guide?

How About A FREE Tip?

Watch the video below for a little sneak peek into the sort of gold that you will be making at level 1!

PLEASE NOTE: This video is just an example of the sort of techniques you will learn and has been edited - the members area contains full videos with step by step instructions!



How About Another FREE Tip?

PLEASE NOTE: This video is just an example of the sort of techniques you will learn and has been edited - the members area contains full videos with step by step instructions!

And Another:


PLEASE NOTE: This video is just an example of the sort of techniques you will learn and has been edited - the members area contains full videos with step by step instructions!

Now Grab Your Chance To Get The FULL Videos In The Members Area And Make Some Easy Gold!

The ONLY Fully Updated Gold Guide On The Web - Get The Latest Techniques To Make Gold From Level 1 - 85 And REAL Cataclysm Secrets!



Here's Your Chance To Learn How To Get Hoards Of Gold And
Start Enjoying The Game FAR More Today!!!


However maybe you are still skeptical - I can understand that!

What if it doesn't work?

What if I don't get rich?

What if it is not as good as I thought?

OK, let me back up the whole Cataclysmic WOW Gold Guide with a no-risk guarantee:

You can use the whole guide - nothing held back for 60 days risk-free how's that sound?


I am so sure that the techniques and systems within Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets guide will work for you and make you more gold then you ever need that if you are not happy with the guide in any way, do not get the desired results or plain just don't like the guide just write me a quick email and i will refund you the FULL purchase price- no questions asked!


Use The Full Guide Today And Don't Put Your WOW Account At Risk!!!

The Cataclysmic WOW Gold Guide only contain legal strategies that WILL NOT get you banned ...although it will feel like cheating sometimes!

It is not worth trying to cheat at getting gold as you could end up getting your account banned!

That is why you can be sure that this guide has NO:

Software hacks of any kind - nothing like that you will actually become GOOD at playing the game!

No need to buy WOW gold and risk getting your account banned!

Will NEVER ask for your account info EVER ...don't get any guide that requires this!!!

This guide simply contains awesome strategies for making gold in the game just like the pros do it - and best of all techniques that work time and time again...


OK, So How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

I have thought about this long and hard, even asked some of my fellow WOW Players how much they think this information is worth and they said it is worth at least $97 if not more...

They urged me to look at Chinese gold farming and leveling companies and compare the price – you have probably seen some of these right?

Well if you are looking to have the new Archaeology skill leveled to the cap, the latest gear and level to 85 with one toon you will be looking at more than $1000 with the added risk of getting your account banned.

Not good!

They are the real prices that they are charging people and worst thing is people are buying these services!

I have thought about the value of Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets and can tell you that it offers so much more than any power leveling service because YOU will be learning the skills you need to level, make gold and own the game ANYTIME you feel like it!

I thought about settling on a special promo price of just $77.

Most of my guildies on WOW say to keep it at $97!

Of course I let a few friends in the guild use these strategies and they are not very happy that I am selling the guide at all!

They say it will make too much competition!

However thinking where I was when I started WOW in 2004 and how much I would have wanted a guide like this but if it was priced at $97 I would NOT have been able to afford it!

So I have decided as a special July 2011 price so as many people as possible can get their hands on the Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets guide I am going to offer the full guide for just $34.95!

That’s it – nothing else to pay ever and for less than a price of a few months subscription to the game you can learn to dominate and get VERY rich indeed!

Also remember that the full guide is backed up with a no questions asked 60 day guarantee – you can use the FULL guide no restrictions for 60 days and at any point if you are unhappy you will receive a full refund!

Spaces Are Limited!

Grab your Spot Below And Let Me Show You How To Get Gold Fast!


YES! I want CATACLYSMIC WOW GOLD SECRETS RIGHT NOW! I now understand that your guide has the absolute best strategies and latest methods to make insane amounts of WOW Gold!

I understand that:

bevel dot 2I can start making EASY gold right away!

bevel dot 2I understand my purchase comes with FREE Updates and also the 2 FREE bonuses + videos mentioned above at NO extra charge!

bevel dot 2I Understand that I can buy this guide and use it for a full 60 days - if at any time in those 60 days I'm not earning hoards of goal following the techniques in this guide, I can request a full no questions asked refund for my entire purchase amount.

Click the button below to order
Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets Now!


Click Here to Get Your Guide Now

(Please note: I will never ask for your World of Warcraft account information...ever!)

This guide is PDF format that you can view instantly and it may be viewed on either PC or Mac. Most web browsers will do this instantly, but if you have questions support is just a click away!

Get Started in the Next 5 Minutes - Even if it's 2 a.m.!



P. S Remember the guide comes with full support so just contact me if you need any help - I may even meet you in game...

P.P.S You will NEVER have to risk your account being banned using this guide - only LEGAL tactics that WORK!

P.P.P.S Still here? The time it has taken you to read this page you could have made over 100 gold - no joke!







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